[RFI] BPL speech: FCC commissioner's response

Kris Mraz kilo.mike at gte.net
Sun Nov 9 20:45:04 EST 2003

I emailed to Commissioner Abernathy regarding her being a cheerleader
for the BPL initiative. Here is the response I got from her legal

Dear Mr. Mraz,

Thank you for your interest in broadband over powerline issues.  We
regret that the Commissioner's remarks may have been interpreted as
suggesting an absence of concern over harmful interference.  The
Commissioner's primary point was that, from a policy perspective, she 
is keenly interested in seeing multiple broadband platforms develop, 
to promote the goals of facilities-based competition and broadband
deployment.  She did not intend to suggest that broadband over power-
line necessarily will emerge as a viable platform, or that it does not
present interference issues.  In fact, she went out of her way to note
that the Commission must ensure that BPL and all new technologies 
avoid causing harmful interference to licensed RF users.  That is a 
bedrock position for Commissioner Abernathy, and we regret if it was 
not made sufficiently clear.

Senior Legal Adviser to Commissioner Abernathy

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Kris Mraz (krismraz at hotmail.com) writes:

Commissioner Abernathy,

Regarding your September 22, 2003 speech to the United Powerline 
Council's annual conference:

I believe your enthusiam for the BPL last mile solution needs to be 
tempered with reality. The BPL industry has failed to inform you that 
BPL causes severe interference to existing licensed users of the radio 

I urge you to study and understand both sides of this controversial 
issue. It will help you give balanced opinions in future speeches and 
actions. (I understand that you couldn't badmouth BPL at the UPC 
conference but your words as a BPL cheerleader have hit a nerve with 
those who have shown that BPL is not a workable solution).

David Sumner is the Chief Executive Officer of the ARRL, the national
association for Amateur Radio. Please accept his invitation for a 
face-to-face discussion of the BPL issue as soon as possible.


Kris Mraz

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PS. *** I've deleted the legal advisor's name since it was a private

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