[RFI] HF RFI From Toshiba 32A42A 32" Television

Linden, Mike (BRC-Hes) Mike.Linden at boschrexroth-us.com
Wed Oct 29 19:42:59 EST 2003

  I recently became aware that the source of HF RFI I've noticed lately is
coming from my own Toshiba 32" television. The noise is VERY broad-banded
and sounds very similar to normal HF background noise. I wouldn't have even
known it was the TV causing it except for the fact that it stops when the TV
is turned off.

  The noise is about S-7 on my Kenwood TS-930SAT on 15m running a dipole in
the attic of my two-story house. The noise level falls-off, but is still
present, as you move away from 15m (the effects are still noticeable on 10m
and 20m, just weaker). When the TV is turned-off, the noise level on 15m
falls back to S-2/3 depending upon where the VFO is (I may still be getting
some noise from my PC and its monitor). The TV is on the first floor
probably about 15 to 20' directly below one end of the dipole in the attic.

  I indent to try the standard routine assuming that the noise is exiting
the TV common mode on the various cables. I'll try removing the RG-59 cable
feed, putting a brute-force line filter and/or ferrite choke on the power
cord, try removing all of the RCA cables going to the VCR, DVD, stereo
amplifier, etc. However, my concern is that the noise is simply radiating
from the internals of the TV and choking/filtering the heck out of any
external cables is not going to help.

  Does anyone out there have experience with these sorts of problems on
Toshiba sets?

  Thanks, Michael N9BDF

PS  The "Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Consistency Act" (HR 1417)
and the "Amateur Radio Spectrum Protection Act" (HR 713 & S. 537) have been
reintroduced in Congress. Please contact your Congressmen to ask for their
support of these bills! See the following ARRL link for details:

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