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That depends on how they classify this. If it uses a spark gap to produce
work as part of the product than it can fall under the "Extremely lenient"
part 18 rules like your Microwave Oven. They also can be placed in FCC A
limits with a high enough Price Tag so that only the commercial market is
targeted.  Plasma TV's may well fall under part 18.

Now I'll explain part 18 a little. The limits are around 5 to 6 dBuV/m.
Sounds great but the test distance is 1600 meters. Now when you extrapolate
this and calculate the value at 3 meters. The limits are now around 80 to
90 dBuV/m.
Now FCC part 15 class A. Test distance is 3 to 10 meters away. Limits are
50 to 57 dBuV/m at 3 meters.
FCC part 15 class B. Test distance is 3 meters. Limits are from 40 to 47

So I hope this explains a little more why the marketing weenies at Sony are
blowing you off. Maybe if you were to contact their Compliance Engineering
department and ask for a "Full EMC Report." You may also ask to see the
Radiated Emission data. This is legally available upon request. By CE law
they are required to have a full report or test data to support their claim
if requested.
Hope this helps with the next purchase.
If you read the install part of the users guide it usually has whether or
not to ground the unit etc. If grounding was required in testing, than
maybe their filtering is frequency challenged. I would still ask for a copy
of the Declaration of Conformity which has what tests are required.
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I doubt a TV like that would pass FCC compliance. I'd pursue it with the
ARRL and FCC. It isn't so much what WE buy that's a problem, it's what all
our neighbors might buy!!

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I have a new 40" Sony and it transmits and S7 signal  to battery radio over
200 feet over the whole 20 meter band with all inputs and outputs removed
except power and the power has a brute force filter and RF filters on the
line.    Sniffers say the RF is coming from inside the box. Sony was
contacted all the way up the line and refuses to even look at it. Says its
meets FCC standards. END OF DISCUSSION!!!   Don't buy a SONY.  Van W4GIW

By the way recent reports show that most all Plasma screens produce bad
Take a battery driven  receiver with you to circuit city to check before
buy. NOT a bad idea for any appliance purchase now days.  Most
know the FCC is toothless and the only thing they do to comply is put on
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