[RFI] BPL a major topic at Upcoming UTC Annual Meeting

doc kd4e at arrl.net
Fri Apr 16 16:27:38 EDT 2004

Any chance they will be demo'ing BPL there?

Perhaps some KW ops and high-power mobiles in the area might
stage a "Just Say No to BPL" Contest" May 16-18?

Everything Completely Legal, base KW & 500W+ mobile stations
located within a mile of the Meeting just happen to get a 10x multiplier!

Let's see 'em filter that out!

All contesters must subscribe to a No-BPL list and go silent
as instructed by the contest controllers from time to time --
long enough to take readings of BPL-generated interference ...
if they have the guts to fire up a true demo!

I daresay they will not dare to set up a "typical" BPL
system and subject it to open tests before the attendees,
ARRL, and FCC.

Giggle ... doc

BobK8IA at aol.com wrote:
> (UTC is the energy utility trade association)
> I just saw a copy of the scheduled symposiums, sessions etc at the upcoming 
> UTC 2004 Annual Meeting. It is scheduled for Nashville, TN, May16-18, at the 
> Gaylord Opryland Resort adn Covention Center.Some shocking things re BPL.
> Looks like BPL will be a major topic and from their language they feel it a 
> done deal! Ugh.
> Some of the sessions scheduled;
> "BPL Standards Upate"
> "The Business Opportunities of BPL"
> "BPL Regualtory Update"
> "Using BPL for AMR and Other Internal Utility Applications" (AMR = Automatic 
> Meter Reading)
> "Developing Relationships with BPL Business Partners"
> and
> "The BPL Interference Debate" ("This session will examine the technical 
> aspects of the interference complaints and the latest in FCC and NTIA studies") 
> Yep, no ARRL studies, just what FCC and NTIA supposedly did.
> The language, in part, introducing the BPL Symposium ;
> "...........BPL is proven technology and is being commercially deployed in 
> North America. How can BPL improve the bottom line of utility services and 
> provide last mile access for a range of consumer services?" ......"The leading 
> companies that are developing and deploying BPL will provide lessons learned. This 
> Symposium will concentrate on commercialization of the technology"
> I cant put my finger on it, but somehow this whole thing stinks to high 
> heaven!
> 73, Bob K8IA
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> Arizona USA
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