[RFI] Investment vs. interference: BPL

Jim Jarvis jimjarvis at comcast.net
Sat Apr 17 11:52:04 EDT 2004

Somebody said that the power industry is speaking to the investment
community about technology, and we're preaching to the choir.  
They're right.

Guys...suggest you read this week's business week, p. 94 et.seq.
on long distance broadband.  Intel and Moto are among the folks
driving this...it operates in the "Uniband" at 5.8GHz...and provides
30 mile links, plus localized multi=point drops.   Intel has this
as part of its 'Centrino' program.  

This past week, Verizon announced intention to roll out DSL service
to unserved areas...expecting the whole country to be covered by 2006.

BPL is too cumbersome to compete with the combination of cable, dsl 
and wireless broadband.  It will eventually prove non-viable. 

Fasten your seatbelts...the next demand will be for expansion at 5 GHz,
to accomodate the rollout.  

jimjarvis at ieee.org 

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