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Ed -K0iL eedwards at tconl.com
Sun Apr 18 01:01:19 EDT 2004

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5) Stick to interference with mobile stations and public safety.
For years the FCC has let Nextel cause interference nationwide to critical 
infrstructure and public safety 800Mhz radio systems, and is now 
considering "giving" Nextel free spectrum along with moving some incumbant 
PS & CI users probably at their own cost.  No, they have not forced Nextel 
to shut of a single transmitter even when they wipe out communications at a 
Fire Station!  So what makes anyone think they'll raise a finger to stop a 
utility from causing interference to "a guy that just wants to talk to New 
Zealand on his ham radio"?

2. There wont be any "honest tests" or sales demos. I doubt there will be
even many vendors there who exclusively provide BPL equipment. Maybe 
thats all I would expect.
I can't remember what the mailing I have at work said, but I remember 
reading they'll be having a "BPL Center" in the middle of the expo.  This 
is expensive territory at any expo, so I suspect the BPL vendors will be 
there in force this year.  Last year in Houston, I recall about all I saw 
on BPL was a few technical seminars, but I was busy with other seminars. 
 The company I work for sent a non-telecom guy to attend those BPL 
seminars.  (Figures!)

5. Jim is correct regarding the predicted mobile intereference. In the 
safety arena, most of the big orgs are on 800 Mhz or at least have 150/450 
I respectfully disagree--See above comments.
There may come a time when all we have left is civil disobediance--We 
aren't anywhere close to that yet.  Don't forget that one of the reasons 
hams were originally given their own bands and then licensed was due to 
interference with commercial ops.  Guess that was too long ago, even though 
it's all on the FCC's website under their Wireless History pages.
73, de ed -K0iL

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