[RFI] Lawsuit

Alex kr1st at amsat.org
Thu Apr 29 08:15:21 EDT 2004

WA2BPE wrote:

> What bothers me is that there are so many HAMs who refuse to support the ARRL
> because all policies aren't to their liking. 

Yes, it is very easy to get distracted by that fact. Complaining about
such, and simply dismissing the concerns non members have ("because all
policies aren't to their liking"), only brings out defensive feelings in
those you are addressing in your complaint and will hardly persuade a
person to become a member. As a member of an organization you simply
have to accept the fact that not everyone will support you or your
cause. It's impossible. There really is nothing that can be done about
it, no matter how bothersome that is to you. 

I'm not an ARRL member. The ARRL does not represent me, regardless of
what anyone claims. I've tried, until some time last year. I came to the
conclusion it didn't work for me. I try to support the ARRL on issues I
can agree with, but will not lend default support by becoming a member
again. The democracy you speak of has been proven imaginary to me. 

I respect the choice of my fellow ham to be an ARRL member, and would
never try to persuade members to give up their membership just because
of what my feelings about the ARRL are. I wish sometimes though that
folks would reciprocate the same courtesy of respect for the choice I
have made. 

Either way, I don't let it bother me too much that so many hams choose
to support the ARRL just because they like a few of their policies. :-)

--Alex KR1ST

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