[RFI] Re: BPL: Presidential Backing

Ward Silver hwardsil at centurytel.net
Thu Apr 29 12:10:37 EDT 2004

> > That we may (and often do) disagree is a good thing.  That we respect
> > each other's opinions and agree to disagree is even better.
> Have you tried finding a common ground? What I mean is that one easily
> gets lost in an endless discussion on things you disagree about. After a
> while each other's arguments will seem mutually exclusive, or at least
> incompatible. Maybe
> it's more productive to look at what you agree on and start from there.
> Example...
> Both parties agree that deployment of BPL needs to be halted/prevented.
> On the "how" parties argue:
> Party 1: we need to prevent deployment of BPL through restrictive
> regulation. (political argument)
> Party 2: deployment of BPL will be impeded if cheaper/better
> alternatives
> can be offered. (economical argument)
> Perhaps we can use both arguments to reach the same goal. In this
> example that would be something like, "Let's try to slow down the
> deployment of BPL through the regulatory process (call it politics if
> you will) so that the marketplace has more time to develop and deploy
> alternatives, to position currently available competing technologies
> better, or both, in order for BPL to become an unattractive investment
> and perhaps not even a viable alternative to what currently is
> available.".
> 73,
> --Alex KR1ST
> http://www.kr1st.com

Without a strong unified voice representing the amateur community, exactly
what miracle is going to occur such that these arguments will be made on our

League member or not, it's time to cut the Spectrum Defense Fund a check
and/or contribute our expertise.  One doesn't have to join, but it would be
nice to support the efforts being made on our behalf.

73, Ward N0AX

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