[RFI] I wish this guy had interviewed Ed Hare also...

k1ttt at arrl.net k1ttt at arrl.net
Thu Jan 8 11:53:49 EST 2004

> Here is my favorite quote, Jason:
>>But Current Technologies LLC, which offers BPL service in the Cincinnati
> and Rockville, >Md., areas, can't find interference caused by its system,
> said Jay Birnbaum, the company's >vice president and general counsel.
> Current Technologies uses a technology standard >called HomePlug, designed
> to not interfere with other radio signals.

as i understand the homeplug stuff it adapts the channels it uses to avoid
interference to itself.  in doing so it would avoid frequencies being used
locally by other services.... being used to transmit that is.  so if you
are listening on a frequency it can't avoid interfering with you unless
you are listening to something else that is strong enough to interfer with
the homeplug communications.

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