[RFI] Can you identify this noise?

n0tt1 at juno.com n0tt1 at juno.com
Sun Jan 11 18:38:29 EST 2004

Kirk, that sounds like some sort of machinery, or perhaps
something like an AC powered electric fence "charger".
Note the mostly regular, repetative beat.

Can the noise be heard on lower frequencies as well, say 
below the BCB on 530 khz?   

I assume that you have checked out possible sources in your
own house.  If so, then the next step is drive or walk around
your neighborhood with a portable radio to see where the noise is

Hope that helps.


On Sun, 11 Jan 2004 12:12:53 -0600 K4RO Kirk Pickering <k4ro at k4ro.net>
> I have a new noise in the neighborhood which appeared
> about a month ago.  It caused a real problem during the 
> recent ARRL Ten Meter Contest.  The noise is present from 
> about 27.8 to 28.1 MHz, and it pretty well wipes out 10m CW.  
> The noise seems to be there most of the time, although I 
> have noticed some random periods when it is not present.
> You can listen to a sound clip at the link below.  I would
> appreciate any ideas on what the source might be.
> http://www.k4ro.net/k4ro/audio/Noise_K4RO.mp3
> Thanks,
> -Kirk  K4RO
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