[RFI] KW Twin Lead

Jim Brown jimbrown.enteract at rcn.com
Tue Jan 13 19:42:47 EST 2004

I've got most of a spool of some old Belden 8210 72 ohm transmitting
twin lead that I've had in my basement for quite a few years. It's
discontinued, and  I can't find any data for it. Can anyone tell me
anything about this stuff?  It looks to be about #12 stranded copper
with a mostly foam dielectric, and I suspect that it's rated close to a
KW on HF.  The oldest copy of the ARRL antenna book in my shack (1949)
lists a KW twin lead, but without a part number, and shows loss on the
order of 0.5 dB at 7 MHz, 1.4 dB at 28 MHz. 

I'm thinking about using some of this to feed an 80/40 trap dipole so
that I can put the balun in the shack, not at the antenna. I'm hoping
that I can then load it more effectively as a random end fed wire  (or
even as a shot dipole) on 160. The feedline will be on the order of
60-70 feet long. Any thoughts on any of this?

Jim K9YC

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