[RFI] Dealing with the media: who owns the problem?

Richard (Rick) Karlquist (N6RK) richard at karlquist.com
Sat Jul 17 00:46:37 EDT 2004

With all the discussion here are what or what
not to do, I'm confused about the issue of
dealing with the media.  The BPL folks routinely
issue press releases claiming they have a secret/
patented technology to eliminate interference.
The press thus considers this a non issue.  For
example, Larry Magid got fooled by it and said
nothing about interference in his recent column.
I took the initiative to write him since it seemed
like no one else would do it.  Did anyone write
to the SF Chronicle to refute their article appearing
the same day?  

The SCV section web site just discovered that another local
reporter (Michael Finney) is hyping BPL.  In fact,
he has been hyping BPL for several months now, and
the locals here (including me) have been asleep at the switch.
What is the plan of attack for dealing with the media anyway?
Is there a standard press kit to send to reporters
as necessary?  Should we all just send off rebuttals
to reporters as we see fit?

Has anyway called on Mr. Gerszberg of AT&T to put up or
shut up about the interference reduction technology
in his press release?  We need to combat this "proof by

At the company where I work, we have designated people
who deal with the media, and no one else talks to the 
media.  But that only works if the media interface people
do their job.

Rick N6RK

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