[RFI] Low-VHF in Indiana

Tom Cox tomcox at iquest.net
Sun Jul 18 14:03:34 EDT 2004

According to www.indyscan.com, the Indiana State Police still use the 
following frequencies (MHz) in several areas, mainly rural:

42.1200 -- F-3 Car-to-Car

42.1600 -- F-4 Tactical

42.2000 -- Surveillance (low power)

42.2600 -- F-1 Car-to-Base

42.4000 -- F-2 Special Ops. Air-to-Ground

42.4200 -- Base-to-Car Re-Broadcast of 800 (Dispatch Side)

As I recall, the base transmitters at these frequencies use high power, 
and huge towers for their antenna arrays. I believe there is enough lack 
of faith in the much more complicated and expensive 800 MHz trunking 
systems, that ISP would not give up their low-band spectrum gladly.

Tom, KT9OM

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