[RFI] Why we badly need 'party line' materials for all hams

Rick Karlquist richard at karlquist.com
Mon Jul 19 13:13:14 EDT 2004

Hare,Ed, W1RFI said:
>> I posted a request for a press kit on this
>> reflector a couple of days ago specifically
>> for this kind of situation and got no response
>> whatsoever.
> If you mean that you got no response from ARRL, posting a request to ARRL
> on a reflector is not a good way to get an answer.

Since PR is not your bag, who do you suggest we
contact at HQ?

> and interests in the BPL problem. Its overall expenditures for spectrum
> advocacy annually are over a million dollars. Do you think that the work
> ARRL has done so far was not worth doing?

I never said the engineering work was not worth doing.
However, diverting some of that money to PR would probably
be a better use of funds.  The BPL companies and media
are running nearly open loop now as far as PR is concerned.
The current policy of letting the locals handle PR has failed
IMHO, due to either apathy or lack of PR skills. (Also, cyber
media has no "location").

Rick N6RK

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