[RFI] Why we badly need "party line" materials for all hams

Dennis Berry dennisberry at worldnet.att.net
Mon Jul 19 14:19:03 EDT 2004

This thread is becoming tiresome.  Dave, I'm sure you are an extremely
bright guy from the things you've said in here.  Ed, your dedication and
work on the BPL issue is well respected by many amateur operators I'm sure.
I know I respect your talents and efforts in this fiasco called BPL.

But this back-stabbing thread is consuming way too much time and bandwidth.
This is just what any opponents would want in this issue, us fighting
amongst ourselves.  Dave, unless you've 'walked the mile in his shoes', I
would ask you to reconsider the 'punches' you've thrown as you truly do not
know what his workload may be.

Enough of this BS.  Let's get this reflector back to informative technical
issues that it is excellent for.  And I have no intent of being dragged
through this thread.  I was just getting tired and had to finally voice an

Dennis Berry

> Given the magnitude of the threat we face, the ARRL should create within
> itself a single organization responsible and accountable for defeating
> BPL. All activities -- including PR -- should be driven by this
> organization. Anything less is pulling punches, which we can ill afford.
> No one in this organization should ever respond with "not my bailiwick".
>     73,
>         Dave, AA6YQ

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