[RFI] Canal water! (& BPL)

Dave Bernstein dave.bernstein at comcast.net
Mon Jul 19 16:52:32 EDT 2004

I have been a member of the ARRL since the day I received my novice ticket
in 1990. There is nothing in my postings that can be construed as ARRL
bashing, unless you're among those who consider constructive criticism to be
bashing. The day an organization's members stop providing constructive
criticism is the day that organization knows its dead -- because no one
cares enough to improve it.


       Dave, AA6YQ

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You guys who seem hell bent on ARRL bashing need to get a grip. It's much
better coordinated than you're giving it credit for.

We are 650K licensed amateurs, of whom 170k support the national
association.  That's a major part of the problem.

We have little economic impact, principally because we cannot act in
concerted fashion.  We are threatened by BPL, and we're fighting amongst

The core problem here is simple:  Social relevance.
Is it "chatting with China", or "robust, distributed asset, interoperable
voice and data emergency communications" which is threatened? We need to be
clear in our vocabulary, and how we use it. WHY are we here?

As for me...I support Ed Hare and Dave Sumner, and the ARRL staff. They're
doing a decent job of fighting the war.  Not perfect, but we're all human,
and in the PR vein, we're dealing with technology ignorant reporters. Can
they benefit from our support?  You betcha. Can WE benefit from a PR kit and
scripts?  You betcha.

Reasoned, rational, measured, vocal--but professional.  That's what we need
to be.  We hang together, or we hang alone!


Given the magnitude of the threat we face, the ARRL should create within
itself a single organization responsible and accountable for defeating BPL.
All activities -- including PR -- should be driven by this organization.
Anything less is pulling punches, which we can ill afford. No one in this
organization should ever respond with "not my bailiwick".


        Dave, AA6YQ

 I posted a request for a press kit on this
> reflector a couple of days ago specifically
> for this kind of situation and got no response
> whatsoever.  I'll contribute money to the ARRL
> when they tell me they will use it to hire
> a public relations firm, which is badly needed.
> I'm glad there are at least 2 of us who understand
> this problem.
> Rick N6RK

jimjarvis at ieee.org

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