[RFI] DFing power line noise

Missouri Guy, N0TT n0tt1 at juno.com
Mon Jul 19 23:43:38 EDT 2004

> The local one here will try -- but they have no equipment to find
> and fix the problem.  I've reported 3 problems to them that
> they've fixed so far -- 2 of them by replacing the entire (rotten)
> pole, and 1 by me identifying the pole, and then standing under
> it (with my FT-50 on AM mode and a handheld beam), listening
> while they tightened everything they could find.

That's typical for my local utility...they usually drive to my QTH,
then we convoy it out to the noisy pole and troubleshoot.  They 
seem to like to hear the noise and get instant feedback for the
troubles they fix....they're happy, I'm happy and their boss is
very willing to hear any problems I report.
> I've since identified a set of poles that happen to be in private 
> property,
> so I can't identify the specific poles.  The utility is in essence 
> clueless
> (toolless, really) about what to do.  

The poles belong to the power company and they have every right
to go on private property to fix problems.  When I suspect a problem
that is on private land, I tell the power company that I "couldn't"
persue it, but the line crew shows up anyway and THEN I go
with them to help locate the problem.  Technically I'm still not
in the "right" to "tresspass" but I've never had a problem.  Heh heh,
wear a hard hat and you'll blend in just fine. :>)

> If they won't buy the equipment they need, what are next steps?
> Report to ARRL, or to FCC?

Make a DFing rig and donate it to them...show them how it
works and demonstate how much time and money it will
save them!  A Moxon antenna > step attenuator > homebrew VHF TRF
receiver is an economical choice.


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