[RFI] Question re: Whole House Surge Protection

Eric Rosenberg wd3q at starpower.net
Wed Jul 21 17:12:46 EDT 2004

My neighborhood was zapped on July 4th. An indirect hit caused a
powerline surge at our house that nailed my Omni-6+ and other devices
(wireless phone, answering machine, home alarm control panel, computer).
 Oddly, while our hit came trhough the AC line, my neighbor was hit
through his cable connection (our TVs were not hit).

Many have suggested we install a whole-house surge protector.  The local
power company (Pepco) will sell me one through their subsidiary, Pepco
Energy Services), but will not install it.

My question:  since I'll have to pay for the device and installation, is
one better than another?  

Pepco Energy Services sells the EFI Electronics Titan 40W40W

Polyphaser (www.polyphaser.com) and Joslyn
(http://www.jesc.com/joslynsurge/products/index.html) have products, too,
as do others. 

Can anyone recommend one over the other?  

I really don't want to do through this again! 

Thanks in advance,

Eric W3DQ
Washington, DC 

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