[RFI] Question re: Whole House Surge Protection

Tom Rauch w8ji at contesting.com
Thu Jul 22 08:46:03 EDT 2004

> The trouble is that almost none of us have the right
combination of
> technical knowledge and material circumstances to achieve
what you
> describe.  In my case, for example, my shack has to be on
the second floor,
> and my house is 100-150 years old (in parts), with wiring
of every vintage
> after rod and tube.  I am skeptical that what you advocate
is even feasible
> in my case, and wouldn't have a clue how to accomplish it

Your radio cables should come down to ground level anyway,
or you can't ground them properly for lightning. As long as
they are down there, ground them to the service entrance
before entering the house.

In the room, have another entrance point. Do all power
distribution and feedline distribution from that common
point, where all "grounds" (cable shields, etc) bond

> Given this, and my liberal arts approach to electronics,
surge suppression
> appeared to me to be the most practical way to go, along
with disconnecting
> all conductors from my tower to the house, at the house
entry panel (also
> on the second floor).

I've never seen a service entrance on the second floor
without a breaker panel being on ground floor, but you could
use either point as a common point for entrance. You just
need to common to the power line ground BEFORE it runs all
over the place in the house. The telco and everything else
should ground to the sevice panel or entrance ground. I'd
sure run some wide flashing from the panel to a good ground!
I certainly hope the CATV and telephone people used that
point as an entrance point!

> I'm contemplating going to a wireless network, simply to
eliminate the
> fairly long runs of network cable between our computers,
the hub and the
> cable modem;

I use wireless here, at least to feed computers in other
areas like outbuildings. The ISDN modem and router in my
shack wires directly to in-shack computers. So the radio
room is the hub.

Telco lines entering my shack go through 2.5mH RF chokes,
and have .001uF 3kV bypass capacitors on the shack side of
cokes to ground.

73 Tom

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