[RFI] OT - help converting WriteLog file

Dave Simmons dave at zievid.com
Sat Jul 24 14:51:34 EDT 2004

Sorry for the off-topic post, but I need help converting a WriteLog .wl file
to Cabrillo or some other ASCII format I can read.

If you have WriteLog and can load a .wl file, export as Cabrillo and mail it
back, please let me know by replying directly to me.

If a lame attempt to relate this to RFI, our local club did Field Day on a
500 acre farm with only one power line running in.   The closest building
was over a quarter mile away.   I've never operated in a place with a lower
noise floor - sure beats the park in the middle of town we used last year,
which had random noise that sometimes blanked out the bands.


 - Dave

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