[RFI] TVI fix?

John Rader k5xtx at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 21 11:21:45 EDT 2004

I relocated  the tower at my QTH. This put the feedline closer to my TV but 
located the antenna higher. The tower base is against the back wall of our 
house and a few feet from a 52" Mitsubishi projection TV fed by DirecTV. 
This TV is now experiencing what I think is fundemental overload. The 
picture is badly distorted and audio is present even with the TV muted.

With my previous install I was able to eliminate TVI to this TV and some 
computer speakers by changing a bad feedline, or adding some chokes to 
speaker lines. The TV in the shack (fed by the same DirecTV) has never had 
TVI and it is next to amps, tuners, and a end-fed wire, so I don't think the 
TVI is due to spurs. The shack is about 50' from the house.

My guess is I am going to have to add some serious RFI protection to the TV. 
Where should I start?
John K5XTX

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