[RFI] RFI Services bullcrap smell test :)

Mike Martin mike at rfiservices.com
Sun Oct 24 17:54:06 EDT 2004

Anyone that is involved in locating Power Line RFI sources for a living
would know better. There are enough power line problems that I don't think I
need to look forward to eggs, golden or rotten.

The statement, (Mike drives down the street with piles of "sophisticated
test equipment" and hears nothing?), isn't a quote. I've never said that. To
find RFI sources I usually use the same equipment found in a ham shack. My
receiver is an Icom R8500 connected to either a hamstick or Hustler type
antenna. This is so people don't suspect I'm using "sophisticated equipment"
that isn't necessary. As for the notched frequencies, those are the
frequencies I'm commonly asked to monitor. Yes, I commonly forget to connect
my antenna. I seem to forget more as I get older. I'm 45 and can't imagine
what I'll be like by the time I'm 60.

As for the "asinine comments", "smell test" methods and "Bullcrap", carry

The popularity of amateur radio is no doubt declining. It's getting more
difficult get good presentations at club meetings. I used to do at least one
a month. I still do them, but for some reason only a few a year? I wonder

When I'm asked a question, the answer will be only from my experience.
Whether it agrees with popular assumption or opinion or not, I can't control
My Telephone number is available and published for those I can assist.
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