[RFI] RF Impedance measurement

Tom Rauch w8ji at contesting.com
Mon Oct 25 14:28:12 EDT 2004

> I am looking at the MFJ 259B and Autek VA-1.  Both seem
capable and my MFJ
> 259 has been OK for antenna work I have done in the past.
I have had a
> good history with Autek products also.  Any pro and con
experience would be
> appreciated.  Also, any other options would be useful.

IMO, since I have both, the MFJ 259 is better when it is
calibrated correctly.
I know they went for at least a few years calibrating
incorrectly by setting bias at a fixed voltage instead of
for minimum harmonics into a low Z load at lowest typical
battery voltage.

I have calibration details at:


73 Tom

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