[RFI] APC BR1500 UPS RFI on 3.5 MHz

Stephanie WX3K wx3k at ptd.net
Sat Apr 9 10:35:55 EDT 2005

Greetings all,

I just bought a APC Back UPS Model BR1500 about 2 months ago. I realized 
recently that it is generating hash on the lower portion of 80 meters 
that gives me a S9+ noise level. I use coax in the shack to all my 
antennas. The antenna is located about 60 feet away from the shack. Has 
anyone else experienced inverter hash from their UPS ??? Did you resolve 
the problem ? Did ferrites on the line cords help ?

Stephanie WX3K
wx3k at arrl.net
"BPL - Broadband Over Power Line, is a dire threat to the shortwave
radio spectrum. "

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