[RFI] Lutron Eco-10 Fluorescent dimming ballast?

Leigh L Klotz, Jr. Leigh at WA5ZNU.org
Thu Apr 14 14:57:21 EDT 2005

Does anyone have any experience with the Lutron Eco-10 fluorescent 
dimming ballast?

It’s been specified for new lighting in my house, and I want to know 
if it’s going to be a problem.

Their spec sheet claims it meets Part 18 non-consumer, which doesn’t 
sound good.

But when I look at Part 18.305 at


I see RF field strength limits for emissions outside the ISM bands 
(which includes HF for me) and then a separate listing for emissions 
from “RF lighting devices” for consumer and non-consumer only for 
VHF and above.  I don’t know if a ballast is an RF lighting device 
– perhaps they mean plasma discharge?

Alternatively, does anybody know of any fluourescent ballasts with good 
EMC to specify?

Leigh WA5ZNU

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