[RFI] Lutron Eco-10 Fluorescent dimming ballast?

Leigh L Klotz, Jr. Leigh at WA5ZNU.org
Thu Apr 14 15:53:37 EDT 2005

Thanks Jim.  These "high frequency" ballasts appear to be switching 
power supplies that operate in the 100KHz region, to avoid the IR remote 
problem you mention, and aren't the old SCR choppers.  The THD they 
mention is in the 20% range so I assume that is bad news.

Thanks for confirming that Part 18 doesn't give me much.

I have found some reports on QRZ.com of people having success with 
"electronic ballast" using an AC line filter. http://tinyurl.com/533kx

I have also sent a note to Lutron asking them directly.

I am still interested in hearing from anyone who has good experience 
with particular ballast to specify for construction.


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