[RFI] Buying a new TV

Alan NV8A (ex. AB2OS) nv8a at att.net
Mon Jan 10 23:16:32 EST 2005

Note that (so I have read) some of the big-screen TVs are Part 15 Class 
A devices, not Class B; i.e., intended for use in a commercial 
environment, not for use in a residential environment.

Alan NV8A

On 01/10/05 06:07 pm N6KJ tossed the following ingredients into the 
ever-growing pot of cybersoup:

> I'm once again taking a look at the TV market.
> I'm particularly interested in a flat LCD/Plasma HDTV
> unit.  I currently own a 35" Mitsubishi (10 years old)
> which has TVI problems when I operate 40/80 meters.
> I've been unable to eliminate it no matter what I
> do.  I've reduced it considerably with toroids on
> all the inputs, proper grounding of the 
> surge-suppressor, moving my transmit antennas farther
> away, etc. but I have been unable to eliminate it.
> Another "cheap" TV in my house has never had a
> problem.  In addition, the Mitsubishi used to
> put out birdies on 20M until I added the toroids.
> My question is: how do I protect myself when buying
> a new television?  I can't "easily" take my
> 40 or 80 meter rig and antenna into the showroom
> to check for interference, assuming I buy the TV
> at a showroom instead of mail order.  All
> mail order places seem to have a hefty "restocking"
> fee if you return merchandise, not to mention the
> cost of shipping it back.  Even showrooms don't
> want to take these things back.
> I could take a portable rig and check as much as
> I can at the showroom, but it's not really practical
> to check all bands.  In my case, my current TV is
> most susceptible to 80M (the color burst circuitry
> seems to be the problem).  It's certainly not
> practical to run 80M in a showroom.
> Anyone know of a major
> retailer (Best Buy or similar?) that has a
> 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked?
> Any good suggestions?  

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