Ron Feutz feutz at wctc.net
Tue Jan 11 23:12:21 EST 2005


I am getting a bit of TVI.  At high power on 40-160, the digital TV signal 
occasionally "locks up".  My antennas are all at least 400 feet from the 
house.  The problem has to be the rf getting into the digital convertor 
boxes on either the AC lines or the phone/CAT 5 lines from the phone 
company (the phone co. is also the cable co).

I think the answer is big torroids on the incoming AC, CAT5 and phone lines 
to the digital convertors.

 From reading the archives, 2" #73 torroids appear to be right.

Is my approach right?

If so, where do I get the torroids?  Wireman has some big torroids but 
doesn't say wha

Ron  KK9K

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