[RFI] Ethernet RFI

Alan NV8A (ex. AB2OS) nv8a at att.net
Sat Jan 22 20:05:27 EST 2005

My wife's computer is located about 20' below and almost immediately 
under the fed end (via an Icom AH-4 autotuner) of my wire antenna. The 
computer is connected via CAT5e cable to a Linksys 8-port switch.

When this cable was connected, I had S7 signals at various points on 20m 
(and chokes -- three turns through a toroid -- at both ends made little 
difference), so I decided to try shielding the cable by running it 
through EMT.

I was surprised to find that grounding the EMT to the #4 Cu wire that 
comes in from outside INcreases the level of these unwanted signals by 2 
S-units. Any ideas why, and what I could do to get rid of this RFI 
(until I get the tower up, at which time the feed point will be much 
farther away from any of the computer equipment)?

Alan NV8A

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