[RFI] Pulsing RFI?

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Wed Jan 26 18:05:59 EST 2005

You may want to look at this site that ve3hls has:

The RF Noise Identification Website (http://www.ve3hls.com) was updated
tonight with 
the addition of 14 new noise files in MP3 format.

search for the one that I have on there from 75m and see if that's what it
sounds like.  Still don't know what it is though... just a note, the first
sentence is wrong, I just sent him a note about it... I don't hear it on
20/17/15 only around 75/80m.

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> Hi, all.  After several years of having little interest in the 80M band,
> today, I strung up an antenna and, was greeted by an odd signal that has
> been apparent at 80 kHz intervals across the band continously today.  The
> peak of the sig appears to be at 3.775 MHz and, they extend well past 4.5
> MHz at that ~ 80 kHz interval.  The pulses are approximately 1/2 second in
> duration and are almost, but, not quite, sync'ed with the second hand of
> the
> clock.  Occasionally, one pulse will almost be twice as long as the others
> -
> usually, this happens about once per minute and at random intervals.  I've
> eliminated possible sources in my QTH - including what I perceived to have
> been the logical sources:  digital alarm and VCR clocks, PC's, DSL modems,
> and the like.
> This is a new one to me.  Before I drag out the sniffing gear and cobble
> together a rudimentary DF antenna for 3.5 MHz, does anybody have a clue as
> to what I might be hearing?  Does/can digital CATV, which has been
> installed
> in the neighborhood since my last foray on to this band, ring any bells?
> 73, Brad, W9FX
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