[RFI] EMI resistant phones

Martin, AA6E martin.ewing at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 13:47:17 EDT 2005

I can't vouch for RS products particularly, but I think the "cordless
phone" approach is a good one for RFI considerations.  The latest
digital phones operate in "networks".  I have a 2.4 GHz digital base
that supports 3 handsets.  Other models (5 GHz) support up to 5
handsets, AFAIK.  I would stay away from 900 MHz & lower phones,
because of privacy issues, etc.

The advantage is that you only have to RFI-suppress the base station,
if there is a problem.  You can locate it away from antennas and feed
lines. Any trouble is easily handled with ferrite toroids for the
power & telco lines.  The handsets normally don't care about ham RF. 
My 2.4 GHz unit even works right next to my microwave oven.  I have
also not seen any problems with my nearby WiFi equipment.

73 Martin AA6E

On 6/14/05, silberman at earthlink.net <silberman at earthlink.net> wrote:
> I've had good luck with Radio Shack's cordless models.
> I have two of them in the house and no problems.  Others are not so trouble free even with lots of toroids.
> Steve
> W2KN

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