[RFI] EMI resistant phones

Mike Clarson mclarson at rcc.com
Wed Jun 15 16:06:27 EDT 2005

Martin: I have not yet operated on 2.4 GHz for general ham activity, but I
do use the  Band to establish a network link to a friend about a mile away.
My goal, however, is to be on 2.4 SSB/CW and work as much as my hero, K1TEO,
who, in this past weekend's VHF contest made 41 QSO's in 26 grids on 2.4
GHz! 5 GHz is (now) my cordless phone of choice.--Mike, WV2ZOW

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Use the 5 GHz phones if you're using 2.4 for ham work, by all means.
However, I've had no trouble with my microwave oven or phones when I
set up my WiFi on channel 11. (If I hold my phone handset right next
to the over (when on), I do hear a little interference, but not very
bad.) Your mileage may vary.  Maybe it would be easier to choose 5 GHz
phones in the first place now, but I got a good deal on older 2.4 GHz
models a year or two ago.

I have a hard time raising anyone on 2 mtrs here in So Central CT.
Who do you talk to on 2.4 GHz? :-)

73, Martin AA6E

On 6/15/05, Mike Clarson <mclarson at rcc.com> wrote:
> I suspect there will be some problems with 2.4 GHz phones if one operates
> the 2.4 GHz ham band (some of us do!) with any power. I have had 2.4
> cordless phomes disrupt WiFi routers, but the phones seem to work just
> fine.--Mike, WV2ZOW

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