[RFI] Power Line Noise in Mexico

Sergio Orozco xe1ct at yahoo.com.mx
Thu Jun 23 11:19:28 EDT 2005

Hi to all,
My name y Sergio, my call is xe1ct. I have been
reading the RFI list for some time now and I wonder if
you can help me with this.
I have a terrible power line noise here (S5- S9) from
40 – 10 mts.  I’ve been using the MFJ-1026 in order to
have a noise reduction, it works fine but the last two
hot weeks the noise was just terrible.
Here is a brief description:
I have 2 element Quad @ 55ft on the roof, radio is
FT-100MP, I have a ground system (5 rods 8ft long
interconnected by 2” copper strap buried 1ft), 2 coax,
rotor and remote switch wiring with lighting
protection. Two power lines, one set of 3 wires 13Kv
at 20ft (yes 20ft, I live in a corner, so besides of
my hose they just installed a new branch line but the
noise was there before) and the other set 3 wires
115Kv at 60ft., none has a lighting arrestors on its
hardware just the ordinary insulators. Beaming my
antenna to the power lines (NE) the noise increase to
S9 (is exactly the path to Europe), if I put the
antenna to South America the noise drops to S5.
I have been reading about common mode noise, so I
wonder how to know if you have it? . Changing the quad
from horizontal to vertical would help?  I know the
problem is outside of my house I have checked many
times. The problem is weather related; as I described
earlier when it is dry it is worst, we have had some
soft rain and the noise just dropped a little. 
Calling the power line company here it just doesn’t
work, it belongs to federal government.
Any help will be very welcome.

Sergio, xe1ct

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