[RFI] RFI and Hybrid vehicles - What are MFRs afraid of ?

n6ki@juno.com n6ki at juno.com
Thu May 5 03:32:13 EDT 2005

Recently I posted a query to this reflector asking if anyone had info
about RFI and Hybrid Vehicles and effects to the vehicle or vice-versa.
Thansk for all who responded - I forwarded the info to Joe W6VNR.

Now Joe sent me this...

"Well, I talked to Ford again, 

The Ford Escape Hybrid in the owners manual specifically FORBIDS use of HAM ( they spell it out HAM ) radio equipment in the hybrid vehicle.  interesting


Ok, so what is it that the car manufacturers are so afraid of?
Don't they do tests that bombard these vehicles with RF at differnet Frequencies and Power Levels ???

Think about this..

What if "Joe Ham" pulls up along side a hybrid vehicle at a traffic light, or maybe alongside at highway speeds and transmits 100W on any particular HF freq and 50 or 25W on VHF/UHF.....

Doesn't the hybrid vehicle have to sustain the same RF getting into it's
wiring and systems????

Is this just litigation paranoia that is causing them to just say no ?

( Yes, I do know that one would have to be careful about where to hook up to and how to supply power to radio when installing wiring )

73, Dennis N6KI
San Diego
(Got Mayor ?) 

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