[RFI] Easiest Solution to the Hybrid Car Problem

Ernie Zingleman ks4q at zingleman.com
Thu May 5 15:35:35 EDT 2005

Buys a diesel car.

More of the manufacturers are offering them the past year or two.  The new 
generation diesels are a lot quieter and are not 'smoky' like they used to 
be.  Diesel is a lot easier to find at filling stations than it used to be. 
You don't have spark plug noise and you get about the say bump up in mileage 
per gallon as you do with a gasoline hybrid...about 25%.  Plus you don't 
have to be the exhorbitant vehicle purchase price premium that they get on 
Gasoline Hybrid cars.

All of the above does not help you if you live in California or a handful of 
northeaster US states that don't allow the sale of diesel passenger vehicles 
due to particulate matter in the exhaust.

Ernie KS4Q

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