[RFI] Hybrid Vehicle RFI Query - Got Noise?

Cortland Richmond ka5s at earthlink.net
Wed May 11 18:56:53 EDT 2005

Automotive electronics are not required to conform to the emissions limits
of Part 15: 

Section 15.103 Exempted devices.
The following devices are subject only to the general conditions of
operation in Sections 15.5 and
15.29 and are exempt from the specific technical standards and other
requirements contained in this Part.
The operator of the exempted device shall be required to stop operating the
device upon a finding by the
Commission or its representative that the device is causing harmful
interference. Operation shall not
resume until the condition causing the harmful interference has been
corrected. Although not mandatory,
it is strongly recommended that the manufacturer of an exempted device
endeavor to have the device
meet the specific technical standards in this Part.
(a) A digital device utilized exclusively in any transportation vehicle
including motor vehicles and

Tests on automotive elctronixs are not necessarily conducted under
operational conditions.  Here's an interesting excerpt from Automotive EMC:
A moving target, by Richard A. Quinnell (Technical Editor) in Test &
Measurement World , April 2004: 
When the authors tested a variety of electric vehicles under steady driving
conditions, by running the vehicle at a constant speed on a dynamometer,
the vehicles showed excessive emissions from 30 MHz to 127 MHz. 


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> Can anyone on reflector comment on this query for W6VNR
> Since I am also interested in response - reply here and I will forward
your response to Joe, W6VNR/ZF2AH
> 73, Dennis N6KI
> Does anyone have any experience or know where I can get information on
operating  rig IN a hybrid vehicle.  Will there be interference to the rig
operation from the hybrid electrical or vice-versa?  I have already asked
Honda and Ford, but they have yet to respond, except Ford told me it would
NOT void any warranty, but no info on interference. 
> Joe---w6vnr

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