[RFI] RFI with Dish Network

Bill Axelrod bill at axelrods.org
Sun May 22 14:43:41 EDT 2005

Am having a tough RFI problem with the Dish Network setup in a new home.  Fortunately it is in my own home.  And  I have no close neighbors.

I am running a HF station and experience some RFI at 200W and much worse RFI at 500W.  So, when I get the 220 VAC wired up for my amp, I expect it will be considerably worse.

I have no problems when I use the VCR with the TV.  They only happen when I turn on the Dish network receiver.  I have done a few things that have been minimally helpful.  I put ferrites on all cables coming in to the Dish receiver.  I put a high pass filter on its output to the TV since one can't use a high pass filter on the input (as I learned from searching the archives.

I moved the end of my wire antenna so that it now is 30 ft in back of the Dish antenna which helped some.  On most bands I get by with minimal RFI at low power (200W).  But, that's not a complete fix.

In one of the posts to this reflector I read that the coax between the antenna and the receiver also fed DC to the LNA/downcoverter in the antenna feed.   That leads be to believe that my problem is caused by RF getting into the downcoverter rather than into the receiver in the house.

Any thoughts on that?  Any other hints?  Please!

Thanks...   Bill K3WA

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