[RFI] Mysteriouser & mysteriouser

Dave NØRQ n0rq-lists at sbcglobal.net
Fri May 27 20:34:26 EDT 2005

Sounds like typical power line noise to me -- nasty, irritating
sound, it is!

Have you listened to it on 2m or higher?  (Not FM, of course.)
Often, but not always, it is even louder up there.  (Note that
"professional" power line noise detectors tend to operate in the
200MHz to 1+GHz range.)

I use 2 methods to track down the offending poles:

1) use 6m & 2m beams on tower, listen in SSB or AM mode,
get general direction

2) then take HT (Yaesu FT-50), with 2m and 70cm, or
other similar rig which *must* have AM (or SSB), and
hand-held directional antenna(s).  In the past, I've used
a 3-element handheld beam on 2m, which worked pretty
well.  However, recently I've been using a 7-element
70cm beam, which is simply outstanding.  Both antennas
came from Arrow Antennas (www.arrowantennas.com), and
the 70cm version really makes finding the pole almost too easy.
Try holding them both vertically and horizontally as you
sweep back and forth, listen for nulls, listen for loudest
direction, triangulate, etc.

Sometimes, if you are standing under the suspect pole,
and listening to it on 6m or 2m or 70cm AM or SSB,
and you give it a nice whack (hand or hammer), if
the noise changes, you've verified you have the right
pole.  (If it is a really old pole, and it wiggles in the hole,
then it is rotted out, and you can ask them to replace
the entire thing, which is really an ideal situation.)

Then, getting the power company to actually FIX it --
well, some are better than others --- and I'll leave it
at that.  :-(


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> I this description, a picture of my rig, and a sound file on my website at
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> I'd sure like some help in ID'ing what the noise is.
> Thanks,
> Mike NF4L

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