[RFI] DSL RF pulsing centered at 20.5 MHz

Mike at RFI Services mike at rfiservices.com
Thu Nov 24 21:50:49 EST 2005

Hi Jim,
Visit the neighbor you suspect as containing the source. When you approach
his door, have the offending RI active on a small portable radio, just loud
enough to be heard. Tell him that you have been having this problem and
think it is possibly coming from his residence. Ask him if you can try a
process of elimination to determine if it is in his home and explain the
process. Read both the attachments below before going and have them both in
hand when you visit him.
Before going use both instruction sheets yourself. Check your residence
first as explained. If possible, I'd like to have a wave file of your RI,
using am wide and no filters. If you locate the source a picture of it would
be appreciated.
Let me know how you make out and happy Thanksgiving.



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