[RFI] Schwinn 820P

Jim P jvpoll at dallas.net
Sat Nov 26 00:17:21 EST 2005

My experience with a treadmill (a neighbor's):

After explaining to the neighbors that I could
hear it/it affected radio bands beginning with
the AM Broadcast band extending through HF
and 6 Meters and also into the lower VHF TV
channels - I think they got rid of it.

(Either that, or they have just never used it again.)

The interference from that treadmill was horrid. I
believe the solid-state drive of the motor under
the control of a microprocessor was the problem,
coupled with zero shielding/zero filtering back into
the AC mains.

I never got the maker/model number from them

Jim  // WB5WPA //

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> Just purchased a Schwinn 820P treadmill. The motor and or drive is wiping
out the Omni 6. Anyone have experience in this area? Tom N4RS
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