[RFI] Air Cleaner Interference

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Sun Oct 2 16:47:44 EDT 2005

At 02:03 PM 09/29/2005, you wrote:
>Jim  K5QQ
>I would suspect they are using an ionizer that produces ozone by some kind
>of spark! Probably feeding down the ground system of the house power.
>73 John

My next-door neighbor has one of these abominations (along with 14,242 other so-called "high-tech" consumer toys, touch-lamps and wall dimmers ("It's not getting hot, it must be OK!") that emit tons of RFI that no 21st-century gadget-obsessed consumer can't live without), and it's got the same thing going for it as Jim's former unit.  He's convinced it's helping his lungs, despite the fact it's probably pumping out ozone (a chief component in what medical pulmonary professionals call "Southern California Respiratory Syndrome") like mad in the process.  Educating him is futile; he already knows eveything.

The neighborhood RFI level is rising year by year.  In the absence of any sense of corporate responsibility, or adequately funded FCC efforts to crack down on manufacturers, I'm thinking of moving to a lone shack in the desert somewhere.

Just call me "Dusty".   :)


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