[RFI] RFI Detector?

Jimk8mr@aol.com Jimk8mr at aol.com
Sun Oct 2 21:23:37 EDT 2005

I use an ICOM IC- R10.
The rubber duck antenna that comes with it is pretty useless for power line  
noise.  (It would probably be fine for walking around an electronics  
I have a 2 meter 5/8 wave antenna with a gutter mount attached to the rear  
rack on an old bicycle.  This gives enough antenna to be reasonably  sensitive 
on HF through 2 meters.
When I get close enough to hear the noise on 2 meters (typically over a  
distance of +/- 5 to 10 poles) I switch to a small (6L) 432 yagi with which I  can 
track it to the individual pole.
The bike works well, as it is easier to stop alongside the road, or change  
directions. Also you don't have ignition noise from your own car to deal  with. 
 OTOH it is not so good during the winter months here in Ohio.
I also take along a digital camera.  In cases when there is a visual  defect 
(broken insulator, visible arc, etc.) it is good to be able to send a  photo 
to the local power company guy showing him that a problem really does  exist.
Good luck!
Jim   K8MR

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