[RFI] RFI quiet light dimmers

Howard Lester hlester at mmto.org
Wed Oct 12 21:01:06 EDT 2005

Thanks, Bud, and I "spoke" too soon. I checked the dimmers and they are
Leviton. I will replace them. The one dimmer I have that doesn't cause
problems? Lutron... *sigh*

Howard N7SO

 >   I have 4 of them (Lutron) about 20 feet from the shack, and they control
> up to about 500watts of Halogen floods. I have no problems... not sure
> what
> to suggest...Its an old house with low voltage switching relays and no
> grounds...The dimmers are stubbed off from the relay panel..
> 73 de  Bud WOHG

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