[RFI] Front Load Washer/Dryer Advice

Kelly Johnson n6kj.kelly at gmail.com
Thu Oct 13 15:19:11 EDT 2005

14Mhz is by far the worst. That's why I only reported that band.
 Like I said, I will know more later when I have my tower and HF yagi up and
an 80m dipole but at the moment it looks acceptable. I'm taking a risk, but
I can live with it since I can always schedule washing at a time when I'm
not operating. I would be more concerned if it were a TV!!!
 BTW - The noise from the washer pales in comparison to the noise from the
LV light system in my son's bedroom (ie. the one I am definitely going to
replace). It hits S1 at 15 or 20 feet instead of 1 foot!

 On 10/13/05, NE1B <ne1b at adelphia.net> wrote:
> What other frequencies are you recording beyond 20 meters? They may be
> acceptable at 14 MHz, but devastating on other frequencies.
> Bill
> NE1B
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> > Well, I took a chance and bought a front load washer/dryer pair last
> week.
> > They are built by LG.
> > The dryer is clean as a whistle. The washer definitely generates some
> > noise
> > each time it spins the drum. It is perfectly quiet when the washer is
> off
> > and when the drum is not spinning. The amount of noise varies with the
> > cycle. I have not detected any conducted noise, but I suspect I could
> get
> > rid of any I found with toroids. The only noise I hear radiates from the
> > front panel.
> > I have not been able to check the noise level on my HF yagi because the
> > yagi isn't up yet at my new house (and probably won't be until spring),
> > but
> > the noise level on my FT-817 is no worse than the noise generated by TV
> > which has never been noticable on my HF yagi before. As we all
> know...most
> > modern electronics generate some level of noise if you "sniff" close
> > enough
> > to them. The noise from the washer reaches S1 on 20 meters with my
> FT-817
> > about 12-15inches from the panel. It will go up to about S7 or so if I
> put
> > the antenna right on the panel. More than 15 inches away and the noise
> is
> > S0. This compares to my television, so I don't think this washer is
> going
> > to
> > be a problem. If it DOES cause problems, then my wife has agreed to wash
> > clothes while I'm at work or when I'm not operating.
> > While probing for noise sources in my new home I DID find 1 significant
> > noise source that I will have to deal with: a low-voltage light in my
> > son's
> > bedroom. A similar LV light in another spare bedroom is totally quiet,
> but
> > the one in my son's bedroom is very noisy. My FT-817 goes nuts 10 feet
> > away.
> > It's loud and raspy. That light has to go! I also noticed a small amount
> > of
> > noise from the front panel of our Thermador oven, but it seems low
> enough
> > to
> > be insignificant (lower signal strength than either the washer or the
> TV).
> > I'll let everyone know later once I get the HF Yagi up if this
> > washer/dryer
> > is reasonably quiet. I'm thinking of setting up a web page to track good
> > vs.
> > bad electronics. Someone needs to. It's a real pain these days
> researching
> > all of the different models. This list has been helpful. thanks.
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