[RFI] RFI quiet light dimmers

Howard Lester hlester at mmto.org
Mon Oct 17 14:18:46 EDT 2005

The Lutron Skylark 600 watt dimmers, with switches, are far quieter than the
cheap Leviton dimmers I've suffered with for 7 years. I think that, back
then, the Levitons, whose packaging indicated they are RFI-quiet, were about
$7 each. These Lutrons cost $18 each plus the wall plate.

The RFI problems I had were on the AM broadcast band of my nearby GE
Superadio II. With the Lutrons, there is no noise at all on the upper half
of the band; there is noise on the lower half when the dimmers are in
certain mid-range positions. With the Levitons it was "just a mess" across
the entire band unless the dimmers were in full on or full off positions.

Howard N7SO

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