[RFI] BPL vs shares & ham radio....KATRINA

Ed -K0iL eedwards at tconl.com
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I agree with your statements Rob about waiting to bring up the issue;
however, NOW IS THE TIME to make recordings of emergency nets from noisy BPL
areas.  This is something that cannot be done after the nets are shutdown.  

Since most BPL trials are located in areas where there usually aren't any
hams, any ham who cannot travel to and participate directly in the relief
effort but has a mobile radio and BPL nearby, should go to a trial area and
attempt to make recordings of BPL causing interference to "Emergency Nets".

We need to counter the arguments that once a disaster happens all power is
out so the interference is gone.  We all know the other end of the comm
circuit needs to be able to rcv as well--so a recording would provide proof
of this.  

Of course this would be something to bring up AFTER the dust has settled.

73, de ed -K0iL

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I'm not sure this is the time to start pursuing an anti-BPL agenda.   One of

the problems with the hurricane at this point is special interest groups 
degrading the signal to noise ratio with a lot of agenda driven commentary.

  there will be plenty of time during the post-mortem period later on, to 
discuss BPL, global warming, racism and all the other stuff people are 
dredging up at this point, which to me, is diverting time and energy away 
from disaster relief.  I realize no one here has been talking about global 
warming and racism--i merely mentioned them as examples of other issues 
coming up right now.   I think the politicians like Mark Kirk who is 
currently on Navy reserve duty  have enough to do, and bringing up BPL might

only be an irritation to him and others, and be counter productive for ham 
radio.     I suggest we wait until things stabilize.  I assure you, there is

going to be a seemingly endless period of inquiries, reviews, gassing, and 
so on once the dust starts to settle--ample opportunity at that point to 
talk about BPL; but not now.


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Maybe my email implied that the nets were receiving interference from BPL.
I did NOT mean to suggest that,,,,
I mean to suggest that continued implementation, especially a large
one, would/could/should cause problems.


At 11:30 AM 9/2/2005, Bill NY9H wrote:

 >Been listening to 7.285 for a few days ,,,,
 >this AM the NCS (Net Control)  of the SHARES network passed to the
 >West Golf ARES ( that would be as in HAM RADIO) network traffic for
 >an emergency rescue in  Biloxi.... to Kessler Air Force Base.....!!!!!
 >That prompted me to send by Email and letter to Mark Kirk ( my
 >Congressman and on the committee that directs the FCC) my concern for
 >the interference that BPL causes  BOTH  THE FEDERAL SHARES , MARS &
 >ARES systems....
 >I suggest you write a letter and email him and your local Senator.
 >Until us northerners are invited to go South & help, we should take
 >the opportunity to keep the air clean enough to be ABLE TO HELP.....
 >Bill NY9H
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