[RFI] wrapped around the axle re: BPL

Jim Jarvis jimjarvis at comcast.net
Sun Sep 4 13:56:10 EDT 2005

IF there is demonstrable interference to ongoing amateur
operations, be they disaster related or not...they need to
be documented/recorded.  If a complaint is filed, it needs
to be timestamped in a log or notebook, along with the 
recordings, and timestamped results, if any.

IF it happens that this is taking place when amateurs are
working with the Red Cross or other groups on health and welfare
traffic from the affected area...THAT needs to be documented, as well.

But this is the wrong time to do anything but find a way to
help in disaster relief.  And document THAT, too.  

Plenty of time later to work on policy development regarding
PLC/BPL.  Particularly when you consider that Motorola has come
up with a system which appears to effectively mitigate the 
interference problem.  With that available and proven..(still being
tested at ARRL HQ)...policy development will shift to align with 
acceptable technology.  Motorola is a superb lobbying organization,
and can make a very strong ally for ARRL, and amateurs in general.

jimjarvis at ieee.org 

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