[RFI] A `Time Bomb' Sits Atop Utility Poles

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mike at rfiservices.com wrote:
> The porcelain problem is caused by the expansion and contraction of the steel inside the porcelain. When it contracts their is a void between the steel and porcelain. When it expands the porcelain is forced by the steel to expand and can't.
> This type of situation has exsisted for years when using aluminum/porcelain insulators. The problem is enhanced by the aluminum because aluminum is more suseptable to expansion and contraction.
> Also, the polymer insulators are actually fiberglass inside. The polymer is the outer shell and is formed to increase the surface area and distance from end to end.

Why did they not put a flexible liner between the two?

We have a similar problem n our new steel-shell home.
I am sitting here listening listening to creaking, cracking,
and grinding.

The problem is that the builders failed to consider that
drywall expands and contracts at a different rate than
the steel roof panels -- so when the sun comes out the
two separate as much as 1/8" !

Doesn't anyone think about the real-world environmental
operating conditions prior to designing insulators or
building houses?  Sigh.


Can we all just help the hurting and save the criticism?
List of Organizations who are HELPING Katrina's Victims:

Thanks! & 73, doc kd4e

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