[RFI] Front Load Washer/Dryer Advice

Leigh L Klotz, Jr. Leigh at WA5ZNU.org
Fri Sep 30 13:45:06 EDT 2005

Please see my article on eham.net about thw Whirlpool Duet and read the 
comments, and my web page at http://wa5znu.org/2005/09/duet and the 
archives of this list.  So far only one person has reported a quiet 
Duet, and he has a yagi on a tower 150ft away, and presumably good coax 
decoupling and power line isolation.

The front loaders often run longer than the top-loader mechanical 
washers, so two loads of laundry will take you 3 hours, which is pretty 
much all the time 20m is open after you get home from work...

Leigh / WA5ZNU

On Fri, 30 Sep 2005 9:06 am, Kelly Johnson wrote:
> It looks like we will probably give the Whirlpool Duet a try. Anyone 
> know of
> any KNOWN issue with them?

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