[RFI] UPS interference/Recommendation Request

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Fri Apr 28 15:14:43 EDT 2006

I have belkin, apc, and tripp-lite here and they all seem fine.

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> Hi there,
> I purchased a Cyberpower BC1285C UPS yesterday and found immediately that
> it is generating TVI on the video carrier of broadcast channel 5, 77.25
> MHz, when just plugged in and while it's still off. The interference
> propagates through the power cord and I can suppress it for the most part
> with about 10 ferrite VHF snap on cores. I will set up a web page to
> document this interference problem and inform the Cyberpower company. A
> quick test on the ham bands (MF-UHF) did not reveal any interference there
> yet. I have to do more tests to be certain.
> Here's a link to the UPS:
> http://www.cyberpowersystems.com/BC1285C.asp
> I have very little experience with UPSes in an Amateur Radio setting, so I
> wonder how typical this is and if there's a known good RFI/TVI free
> alternative. I need about 1000VA. Perhaps it's wiser to keep this UPS if
> the channel 5 interference is the only interference it generates?
> 73,
> --Alex KR1ST
> http://www.kr1st.com
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